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Arkera’s team have domain expertise to:

  • Identify the right areas to explore,
  • Structure hypotheses regarding topics that align with investment decisions,
  • Find the most effective search terms that accelerate absorption for solutions including:

Arkera Atlas is able to inform risk takers on company related roadblocks before the information reaches mainstream media. Company specific intelligence especially in local emerging markets can be extremely challenging to source. Arkera casts a very wide net, capturing nearly all the intelligence in a specific market. This comprehensive sweep is then reduced to the most relevant bits that matter most to investors. When this intelligence shows up in mainstream media prices in could have easily moved 10-15%.


Case Study: Atlas informed risk takers about possible IPO delay 3 days before it was priced into markets

Trading in FX Markets is exceedingly difficult as markets get much more idiosyncratic and illogical. Traders have to process tons of data very fast.

Making money by trading forex involves a good deal of risk. Arkera’s currency trading capabilities allow you to keep up with the sheer volume of information whilst extracting the most relevant bits to make money. Our trading intelligence and automation processes minimise risk and maximise profits.


Case Study: Atlas informed risk takers about possible renewal of Istanbul Elections two days ahead of the mainstream press

In a race for yield institutional investors are struggling to source assets ahead of a bidding war. Arkera´s intelligence engine locates these deals before they enter the sell-side distribution engine, allowing our customers to source deals ahead of competition.


Case Study: Finding $150MM-$200MM syndicated deals

~$1bn U.S. Credit EM Hedge Fund is struggling to find distressed syndicated deals in LATAM. They do not have the same sell-side access to deal pipelines as their multi-billion$ competitors.

They need intelligence on deals before the large funds get wind of them. They asked us to extract this intelligence in Mexican and Brazilian debt markets. They tried alternative means for about a year, spending hundreds of thousands with no success. We not only found this intelligence but also recommend new topics.

The client invested in two deals picked up by our intelligence platform.

Global affairs are in a state of disruptive transition. Trends like the growth of emerging economies, the rise of populism, and evolving security threats are increasing multipolarity in international relations, upsetting trade and investment flows, steering markets and shaping regulation.

Through the tracking of geopolitical events, from structured and unstructured data sources domestically and in local language, Arkera is committed to helping our customers stay ahead of the rising uncertainty in global politics and adapt risk management strategies in response to geopolitical developments.


Case Study: Brazilian politician watching. Capturing a 7% rally in the Brazilian real

One of the biggest risk events of the year in Brazil – reform of the Brazilian pension system. Potentially a $100mm+ risk event for hedge funds, banks and asset managers.

Actions of 508 Lower House Politicians in local Brazilian press (non-english) and government websites need to be tracked to form a dynamic assessment of the likelihood of the bill passing in the Lower House of Brazilian Parliament.

We delivered our clients local intelligence alerting them to important election has been renewed changes in outlook of bill passing. Tracking the 49 Special Committee members we predicted a vote of 34-15, (actual vote was 36-13) – capturing major movements in asset prices in advance.

Our clients captured the 7% rally in the Brazilian Real between May and June 2019

Increased competition for assets, a rapidly changing marketplace, new technology and pending legislative changes are all putting increasing pressure on institutions to focus on new product development.

These challenging factors emphasise the need to be able to design, develop and launch innovative products that your customers want. Arkera cuts through information overload to discover what gets these customers excited, allowing you to cross sell and analyse intelligence on exactly what your customers are looking for.


Case Study: Near perfection in ETF’S

Large European exchange needs to originate new products and make clients sticky. They need fine grain intelligence on specific domain relevant ETF topics to originate better ETF products much faster than competition. They also need to make their platform sticky to their Fortune 500 clients by giving them intelligence that matters.

Arkera’s human in the loop AI Technology delivered round the clock near perfect intelligence on the topics identified. It also recommended a number of topics the client wasn’t aware of, creating new Alpha.

Organisations should always identify and react to all emerging regulatory changes that might affect their business. Staying ahead of the curve is challenging, particularly given the constantly evolving landscape and high volume of regulatory developments happening in the finance sector.

Arkera is able to inform risk takers on crucial global regulation changes, even before this information is made available to the mainstream press and public.


Case Study: Atlas informed risk takers about Article 58 crucial tax-change in Egypt four days before mainstream press

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