Arkera’s app serves you the most relevant and trusted news items, you choose what interests you and then learn about the best ETF investment ideas.

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Arkera empowers anyone to make exciting investment decisions they never imagined.

Arkera brings together an expert financial team with AI to select the most relevant news stories from trusted sources and match them to the right ETFs. You get to choose the best ETF for you based on the news you are interested in.

Scroll through news & select what interests you

It all starts with Arkera sparking your interest with a real-world event that is relevant to you.
Discover topics & products

We offer relevant and contextualised content and match it to investment products.
Get educated

Choose to drill down into the event, research related content, discover new topics, or directly invest in suggested investment products at any stage. Inform your ETF strategy.
No matter the path you take, Arkera is there to give you the confidence to invest in the best performing ETFs.

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