The Annual Meetings of the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund unite central bankers, ministers of finance and development, private sector executives and many other financial experts to discuss issues of global economic concern and financial development. We spoke to our CEO and invitee of this year’s IMF Annual Meetings, Vinit Sahni, about the future of intelligence and the importance of events such as IMF.


What is the value of attending IMF for Arkera?

“The IMF annual meeting is one of the most stimulating events for emerging markets, where we can meet policy makers, investors and economists connected with emerging markets. The attendees at IMF in particular are diverse and unique, and the purpose of the event is perfectly aligned with our current work in emerging markets. On top of this, we get to showcase our latest technology in an environment of real consumers and clients.”


Why do you think there is a focus on emerging markets and analytics at this year’s IMF?

“Analytics and big data are a focus everywhere and in emerging markets it plays a special role, as it normalises heterogenous data and bring transparency to opaque markets. The IMF has a central role as a stabilizer and therefore the forum makes complete sense. Information typically emerges in the fringes of the internet early and shows up in mainstream media days later, meaning people are caught off guard. It’s also very difficult to find reliable unbiased sources and technology can play a big role in making these problems go away, makes it a much less risky place to invest in.”


What’s your top priority at events such as IMF?

“We get to exchange ideas and get grassroot level information directly from key attendees, its key for us to stay close to the ground by attending such events. Arkera is a blend of science and domain knowledge, applying domain to find solutions is a key differentiator for us, its events like the IMF that play a role in enhancing this skill.”


Why should people get in touch with you?

“Our new next-generation product, Atlas Live, is launching shortly. Atlas Live is a live stream of risk-critical local intelligence via the web and API. Our current users are sophisticated hedge funds and tier one banks and they only want the most risk-critical, locally sourced, intelligence not available elsewhere. Investors are surrounded by noise and struggle to access the relevant information at the relevant time. We give our clients the entire news cycle and volatility surface of an event, which means they can trade in and out multiple times during the cycle.”


What differentiates Arkera and what problems does it solve?

“Institutional investors are missing critical on-the-ground intelligence and are losing money as a result. Atlas Live is the first platform to give back the information advantage to international investors.”


How and why did you decide to start Arkera? And how did your career in finance influence the process?

“We created Arkera in direct response to our own experiences at DE Shaw, Citadel and Soros, dealing with the growing information challenges that investors and institutions today face. Our aim is to inform our clients of relevant intelligence in advance of it reaching mainstream media sources, helping them to improve their risk management and decision-making processes. We want our clients to finally anchor their strategy and opinion on a reliable intelligence framework, Arkera’s Atlas Live is designed to be part of their decision process”


Arkera will be at IMF between October 14 – 20 2019. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss how our products and solutions.

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