Near complete,
near perfect

AI isn’t a magic bullet. Without domain expertise and workflow integration, traditional machine-driven systems can only filter and categorise information.

Arkera have successfully integrated decades of Top 5 quant hedge fund and banking knowledge with smart NLP to identify relevant intelligence, structure hypotheses and deliver near complete, near perfect intelligence.

Intelligence Insight

Brazilian pension reform

“As lawmakers in Brasilia debated a controversial pension overhaul for months, a robot more than 5,000 miles away in London kept a close eye on all 513 of them”.

August 2019

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Intelligence Insight

How machine learning is revolutionising market intelligence

“The business of gathering market-sensitive information is ripe for automation”

November 2019

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The Atlas Platform

  • Identifies key topical issues for market professionals
  • Collates the most valuable sources of information, including sources not incorporated into traditional solutions (e.g. local language news).
  • Creates structured analysis for these topics, creating greater value than by simply delivering underlying information.

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